Social Service

Students are the future of our country. When they grow up and become professionals they will work for the betterment of our country. We at STADS lay the foundation for this and train our students how to interact socially, how to understand other people's problems and how to work for the social betterment of the society. It is both the student and the society that get benefitted. To give motivation, inspiration and satisfaction to students all the sections of the school - Primary, Middle and Senior are involved in a variety of social work.

We have adopted Sunderkhali village and support 50 school going children. We are striving to make the women self -reliant, financially independent. A Medical Camp was set up in school for the check up of these 50 children. We are involved in visiting old age homes like, Salvation Army and All Bengal Women's Home, we also give monthly ration and toiletries to them. NGOs like Asha Niketan and Ankur Kala are given a platform to sell their items in school.

  • Monthly ration is given to Salvation Army home.
  • School fees and textbooks of a few needy students is sponsored by the Primary students from the social service fund to which they contribute generously each month.
  • St.Mary's Church and School, Haldia project- the school helps poor children of the area with blanket, rice, dal, old clothes and other food items.
  • Toiletries to the All Bengal Women's Home.
  • Participated in Safe Drive Save Life week organised by Kolkata Police.

The senior school social service cell comprises LTS unit, Nature Club and Interact Club Leadership Training Service Unit trains leaders for the future to build a better Society for tomorrow. The projects undertaken by the senior school are as follows:

  • World Sparrow Day and International Day for Forest and Trees and World Water Day.
  • Earthusiasm - Earth Day Celebration.
  • World Forest Week. Organising Exhibition Cum Sale in the school, to help Ankur Kala NGO for marginalized women. Friends of Asha Niketan NGO for physically and mentally challenged. We observe World Disability Day at their Centre by putting up a cultural programme.
  • Participating in Safe Drive Save Life week organised by Kolkata Police.
  • Nature Club - planting saplings at NGO, Green For Life Foundation, Green Zone, Action Area at Rajarhat.
  • Sunderkhali project- the village Sunderkhali has been adopted by the school to make the residents financially independent. School children are sponsored by students of STADS, blankets; clothes have been distributed to the residents. Visiting All Bengal Women's Home and Salvation Army to spend quality time with the grannies and grandpas.