Middle Section

Each day is a learning opportunity for us at STADS. Becoming an independent learner is the key objective of the Middle School. Students are given the tools necessary to help them organize and manage their workload with the scaffolding of teachers and peer models. An inter-disciplinary curriculum challenges critical thinking skills and students learn how to identify connections between ideas and how one area of study can inform or influence another.

Our Middle School students are taught by an experienced faculty. Our education is formulated to foster self esteem and social responsibility. We work in partnership with parents to improve the students’ commitment to learning and support the child in the school. Our expert teachers encourage all the students to embrace cultural and social diversity.

In the middle school we adhere to the following objectives
  • Acquisition of necessary knowledge skills and attitude for the development of the students.
  • Building of a firm foundation for the Senior School.
  • Development of abilities for enquiry , critical thinking and rational judgement.
  • Identification of individual talents and developing them.
  • Development of a Student into a self disciplined individual.
  • Providing of innovative teaching and learning through the smart board.

In the Middle School Level, being a difficult phase of Adolescent Transition we take additional care to help students cope with the same.