About Our School

About Uluberia Branch

The school was gifted by Shri Tapan Sadhukha to the St. Augustine Education Trust, April 2018, as he had the zeal and enthusiasm to impart Education in Uluberia, for all community - rich or poor, since this town does not have a reputed English Medium School. Thereafter the school was taken over by the Trust under the leadership of the Rector Dr. Richard Gasper and Mrs. Edna Gasper - Founder's of St. Augustine Education Trust.


Our school believes in a playmater method of Educating students and emphasizes learning while doing. We lay impetes to the concepts of the subject, so that the students have a great foundation in each of the subjects. We also follow the stress free learning methods where we do not pressurize on student and see that they enjoy what they learn, which they learn for life. Global Exchange Programs are also carried out by the school, by which students learn beyond the classroom technology is also followed. STEM based Education especially for auzuts of maths and science. Besides just academics, the school also believes in Holistic Education, encourages social service work, co curricular activities and games keeping in mind the vision and mission of the school.