Rules & Regulations

The programme of studies is planned to give the students a general education in accordance with the aim and objectives of the school and the syllabus laid down by the Council. Programmes, projects, excursions, competitions help to develop the skills and aptitudes of the student.

Enrolment of a pupil in St. Augustine’s Day School implies that the child and the parents are willing to comply with all the policy, rules, regulations and requirements of the School.

Students are required to adhere to the following sets of rules of the school.

  • General Rules
  • School Diary
  • Leave & Absence
  • Co-Curricular Activity
  • Other Rules
  • Private Tuitions
  • Discipline Rules of the School
  • Withdrawal from School
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Important Information to students of class IX & X regarding ICSE / ISC Examination